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kebe asked: Hi Airiz! Get a copy of The Messenger stat!

I’m planning to! What do you think about it?!

iamgodschiild said: wow, you are amazing! the first time I saw your blog I was all like “wow”! I have also checked your other sites and man, I came across reading a lot of mind-blowing stuffs : ) How did you do that? I mean, I think you are really good at a lot of things. I wish I can be like you because you certainly write well. I also hope to become one. Anyway, keep up the good work and you are freakin AWESOME (and you’re pretty too)! have a good day ^^  

Hey, thank you! :’) I don’t really consider myself a good writer (I’ve encountered lots of awesome budding authors my age, and my writing skill is nowhere near the caliber of theirs). I need to learn more. You can be a good writer yourself, just keep practicing!

Thanks again (pretty? That’s a first!) and have a good day, too, sweets! 

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